Lead Paint Safety Program FAQ

A new landmark program from Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) and San Mateo County will address county homeowners with remediation of lead-based paint in their homes. This service is available at no cost to eligible homeowners.

Below, we answer some common questions on this program.

  • The presence of lead-based paint can be harmful to residents’ health, particularly in older homes where paint may be peeling or chipped, and especially where young children are present. Learn more about lead-based health risks at cdc.gov.

  • If your home was built before 1978, it likely was built with lead-based paint. Further, homes built before 1950 tend to have significantly higher levels of lead in paint. Qualified applicants to this program will receive testing by RTP and our certified inspectors to determine the severity of any lead present.

  • To qualify for this program, RTP and its contracted inspectors must inspect the home directly using San Mateo County guidelines. This inspection is provided at no cost to program participants.

  • If you are a San Mateo County homeowner, you can apply for testing and possible remediation on your house paint for Rebuilding Together Peninsula services here. Note, applicants with low household income, with children in the home, and in homes built before 1950 will receive priority consideration upon applying.

  • Yes! If you own a mobile home residing in San Mateo County, you can apply for RTP’s Lead Paint Safety program. Similarly, we accept applications from condominiums.

  • This program is funded by San Mateo County for San Mateo County residents. If you live in another county, we recommend you contact your county’s or specific city/town officials to inquire about lead-based paint solutions for your home.

    Santa Clara County residents can click here for more county information.

  • This program is available at no cost to homeowners in San Mateo County who are affected by lead-based paint safety issues in the home.

  • Once a complete application is received and approved, an inspection by RTP’s certified inspectors will be scheduled. This inspection will determine the scope and urgency of lead paint safety issues inside and outside the home, and multiple inspections may be required. Depending upon the severity of safety issues for residents, we will begin to schedule remediation work once all needed inspection(s) is complete. Based on the number of applicants we receive and the availability of our certified remediators, this can take multiple months between inspection and remediation.

    Note, applicants with low household income and with children in the home will receive priority consideration for inspections and remediation.

  • RTP and its contractors will remove any chipping and peeling issues on the existing paint, and will seal the remaining paint with a lead-free paint layer.  This work will be done in accordance with the recommendations of the certified inspector’s report to the approved safety standards of the county.

  • Each home inspection will assess the urgency of lead paint safety in the home.

    The timeline between application and remediation depends on the availability of inspection and the severity of any lead paint issue in the home. Typically, once remediation work begins, it can take a week to properly perform the work at a home, but this will depend on the breadth and scope of remediation needed. 

    Note, applicants with low household income and with children in the home will receive priority consideration for scheduling.

  • Many homes have been fitted with lead pipes. Currently, this program only addresses lead-based paint, as the potential for chipping and peeling provides heightened risk.

  • RTP only works with State of California-certified Lead Renovator contractors. Site visits to your home will be conducted by RTP in partnership with these contractors and licensed inspectors. Copies of licenses and certifications will be available upon request. Any work done on your home through this Lead Paint Safety program application will be managed and contracted through RTP. RTP’s Contractors State License Board license is # 986653.

  • To properly address a home’s lead-based paint, contractors will need full access to the home and residents will need to vacate during the remediation process. RTP will assist each homeowner with temporary housing and associated expenses, if needed. Note, we will provide a minimum 30-days for you to leave the home before remediation work will begin. We will explain this more in-depth throughout the application and inspection process.

  • RTP only works with state-certified lead paint remediators who provide proof of insurance to cover risk of damage. When we work with you to schedule work, please advise us of any sensitive areas or issues in your home, and we will address specific concerns with you.

  • RTP offers additional repair and renovation work for income-qualifying homeowners throughout San Mateo County and northern Santa Clara County. More information can be found on our Safe at Home and Rebuilding Day program pages. Note, you may have to provide additional application information for these programs; please contact us for any questions.

  • RTP only accepts applications directly from the affected homeowner. If you are aware of a home that may be affected by lead-paint safety issues, please forward our information and/or let us know at info@rebuildingtogetherpeninsula.org or (650) 366-6597, and our outreach team will follow-up with the specific home.

  • Click here for an application for our Lead Paint Safety Program!

    If you have more questions not answered above, please contact us at (650) 366-6597 or info@rebuildingtogetherpeninsula.org for more information on our Lead Paint Safety Program.

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