Meet Jason Everingham, Environmental Compliance Project Manager

Meet Jason Everingham, Environmental Compliance Project Manager 1080 1080 RTP

Thanks to funding from a multi-year contract with San Mateo County for lead paint remediation, RTP will be assisting with the abatement and remediation needs of local homeowners at risk. To lead this initiative, Jason Everingham has taken on the role of Environmental Compliance Project Manager. He’s currently creating and implementing the Lead Safe Renovation Program to make homes safe for families.

Jason comes to RTP with a degree in urban planning and experience working for nonprofits, most recently as Vice President of Renovation for Fieldstone Construction where he was responsible for residential and commercial property rehab throughout the country. “I’ve always been fascinated by renovations and the rehab of older buildings. I’m passionate about saving the old and not tearing down for new,” he said. “Working for a nonprofit gave me a sense of purpose, and I liked seeing the outcome of something I created that flourished and benefited the community.”

In addition to helping homeowners and the community, Jason is especially excited about the opportunity to form a personal relationship with the people RTP is helping. He’s optimistic that once the lead paint program is off the ground, it will help lift up people in need.

In his free time, Jason loves to attend concerts and travel. He has been to all 50 states, many countries, and three continents. To date, his favorite destination is Singapore, mainly for its beauty, tranquility, and cleanliness. Jason is also a civil and equal rights advocate and volunteer. “It can be a little heartbreaking at times, but I’m always up for helping to make the world a better place.”

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