Meet Rachel Poythress, Safe at Home Manager

Meet Rachel Poythress, Safe at Home Manager 1080 1080 RTP

If you’ve been around RTP the last two years, there’s a good chance you already know Rachel Polythress. She started as a project specialist in January 2022 after serving as an AmeriCorps member at Rebuilding Together New York City. Recently, she stepped up to apply her experience and her passion for helping homeowners to become our Safe at Home (SAH) manager. As the manager of our year-round minor home repair program, Rachel now meets with homeowners, schedules over 100 SAH repairs, and oversees all SAH projects from start to finish.

After graduating from North Carolina State University in 2018, Rachel immediately looked for an opportunity to serve with AmeriCorps. “I love nonprofit work and I’m passionate about social justice and making a difference in the community,” she said. “I felt like I had been privileged in my life, and I was looking for a way to give back.” Rachel helped care for her grandmother before she passed and saw firsthand the many accommodations that are needed. “I am really passionate about the aging in place part of what we do–making sure somebody can live in their home safer, longer,” Rachel said.

Rachel says she’s quickly learning better ways to problem-solve when it comes to home repair. “The job is really rewarding,” she said. “It’s a lot of work, and I’m busy all the time. But I love it.”

In her free time, Rachel enjoys singing, going to the beach, attending concerts and shows, and studying astrology.

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