NRD 2024: Over 650 volunteers repaired 29 homes and community facilities

NRD 2024: Over 650 volunteers repaired 29 homes and community facilities 2560 1707 RTP

With 29 [Re]building Day projects taking place on and around the last Saturday in April this year, it may be more appropriate to refer to National Rebuilding Day (NRD) as a season rather than a day. On April 27th alone, however, volunteers provided crucial renovations on 18 projects, helping neighbors-in-need across the San Francisco Peninsula. Thirty-one sponsors, numerous contractors, in-kind donations, the hard work of 27 site captains and over 650 volunteers made it possible.

RTP’s volunteer-driven projects help the elderly remain in their homes by providing a wide array of repairs. Many of these individuals have lived in their homes for over 50 years, and it is often their only resource. Consider San Mateo homeowner, Terry McDowell. On NRD, volunteers from The Sobrato Organization painted her house, removed debris, and did some landscaping. The next day a team from Stanford Health Care repaired the fence and gate on her property. In addition, RTP’s Safe at Home technicians upgraded and repaired a heater and some of her bathroom fixtures.

“RTP is a wonderful organization, and I’m so grateful for all they do,” said Terry, who is retired and lives in the house with her sister. “I am humbled by the experience.” The house has been in Terry’s family since it was built in 1946. Both she and her sister would like to someday pass the house on to their children.

Although construction costs in the Bay Area continue to soar, NRD continues to preserve affordable home ownership. In doing so, we support housing equity and ensure financial stability for generations. Lastly, the renovations and repairs provide tangible results with a visible and immediate impact for homeowners and community facilities, as well as for the teams of volunteers who help carry out the work each year. Thanks to everyone who helped make NRD a success!

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