RTP Repair Technician Frank Tijerina Puts Homeowners at Ease

RTP Repair Technician Frank Tijerina Puts Homeowners at Ease 1080 1080 RTP

When Frank Tijerina joined the RTP staff in 2016, he brought more than two decades of construction experience to the organization. His reputation for being able to fix anything was a perfect fit for RTP’s Safe at Home minor home repair program. In this role, Frank does everything from installing carbon monoxide detectors and GFI outlets to bathroom grab bars, vinyl flooring, exterior handrails, and more.

Frank has been working with his hands and repairing things for many years, and he takes great pride in his work. He acknowledges that some of the homeowners are initially apprehensive about a technician entering their home, so he takes the time to put them at ease with casual conversation and a warm personality.

“The homeowners are mostly elderly, and they are not able to do these things on their own,” Frank said. “I enjoy the fact that we are able to help people who really need the help. It improves their lives and helps them stay in their homes a lot longer.”

Because Frank is both an incredible problem-solver and because he takes the time to interact with the people he’s helping, it’s no surprise he’s a favorite among the homeowners. It’s also why many of them offer to make him lunch. “The homeowners appreciate every little thing you do for them,” he explained. “I get a lot of joy out of seeing how happy they are and how much safer they are when the work is complete.”

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